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Moving a home is quite a challenging experience for people of all ages. It is one of the most stressful life experiences, especially for new home owners. While there is much stress associated with moving, it doesn’t necessarily have to serve as a stumbling block for your relocation. With proper planning, you can move to your new Canberra home smoothly and efficiently.


Steps involved in moving your home efficiently

Organize your belongings ahead of time

If you decide to leave everything until the moving day, you might find it a bit stressful. Check through your storage facilities and dispose any item that you no longer need. Other useful items should be properly packed into cartons of boxes for ease of transportation. Organise important documents such as birth certificates, passports and other essential paper works and keep them all together. Arrange your photos in albums into specific boxes and label accordingly.




Sell items that are no longer useful few weeks before leaving

Non-essential items build up in the home. When you scan through your house, you will discover that there are plenty of things you can sell few weeks before relocating. Items such as clothes, footwear, toys, and all other broken items that are not in use should either be sold or gifted out. Canberra has quite an active garage sale market and the local trash and treasure markets on every Saturday morning will help move your unwanted items quickly.  By so doing, you’ll have extra cash in your pocket and your moving expenses will be drastically reduced and at the same time, you save more from items sold.

Dust and clean all furniture prior to packing

Items should be free of dust and properly cleaned before packing them. This will save you more time and energy of cleaning your belongings upon arrival in your Canberra home.

Make a list and label each removals box appropriately

Make a list of items to be packed in each box. After that ensure all boxes have labels to indicate where each of them belongs to. For instance, a box marked with color red goes to the bedroom, yellow for kitchen, and green for the store house. This will help make unpacking easy and stress free when you finally arrive in your new home. Also, make sure to have the inscription “handle with care” for boxes with breakable contents.

Opt for quality moving boxes

Quality moving boxes with doubly ply cardboard will further protect your belongings from damage. By so doing, there will be no cause to worry about your belongings from getting damaged should there be an accidental fall.

Book travel arrangement few weeks ahead of time

Save time and reduce stress by making travel arrangement in advance. If you are moving from Canberra across the country, it will be in your best interest to book a flight and temporary accommodation well in advance. Even if you are moving from one location to another, it is also advisable to book as early as possible to secure a lower rate.

Load heavier items first

On moving day, ensure to put heavier items in the moving truck before all other. Refrigerator and furniture should be covered with moving pads to avoid any form of damage. Arrange light-weight items on top of the heavy furniture.  But of course this is only if you’re attempting the move yourself.  Otherwise with Pro Removalists Canberra you can sit back and relax while we do what we do best which is move Canberra homes.

Contact Ryan from Pro Removalists Canberra your removalists in Canberra if you have any questions at all about your next move.

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