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It is advisable to keep your kids informed of your plan of moving house ahead of time so they won’t feel too sad or shocked with a last minute conversation about moving. You should highlight all the great reasons why the Canberra house move is very important such as a new job or a chance to make friends and a beautiful playground or garden. We all know that kids love to explore new things so try as much as possible to make the experience into a huge adventure!


Before the move

Put all forms of negativity away and focus mainly on the positive aspects about your big house move. If you feel your kids are in doubt or unhappy about the move, try get them involve by practically asking them questions and also giving them the opportunity to ask questions and also make suggestions on what should happen on moving day. Make out time to visit the entertaining areas around the new place with them such as playground, garden, parks etc, this will in turn capture their interest.

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is considered the hardest part of the moving process. Make sure they have a chance to say farewell to their friends and loved ones. The most memorable way to make this happen is by organizing a small leaving party, offering them the chance to take pictures of their friends and neighborhood. This will give them a sense of connection with their old home and its environment.

Relocating to a new place temporarily

When planning to relocate to a temporary accommodation, take the place look as comfortable as possible. Lease items that your kids are familiar with such as toys and do away with things that occupy much space such as boxes. Hang some family photos on the wall to give them that homely feeling.

Long distance moving

It is expected that the Canberra removal company will leave for your new home before you. For long distance travel, try to keep your kids occupied. Long distance travel can sometimes be very boring, tiring and stressful for kids. Tell stories about the places and things around during the trip; ask them to draw an imaginary picture of their bedroom and its new look.

Getting to your new home

Upon arrival at your new home, tell the kids to assist the removal men put your belongings in the right place. Assist them unpack their boxes and keep their room properly arranged first so they will familiarize themselves with the new environment as quickly as possible.

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